Tuesday, 15 June 2010

False Idle.

Dear Ether,

I am very much in love with Oscar Wilde’s writing. So I am awfully sorry if I imitate any of his mannerisms. But the only original writing is stolen, as Wilde might have said.

However, no matter how much I admire Wilde, I don’t think I’d call him an idol of mine. I think idol implies that you admire their lives as well as their work, and although I hold Wilde’s work in high-esteem, I don’t think I fancy being locked up for buggery. I’m not sure you can be locked up for buggery anymore, but the point is I don’t think I’d cope well in a prison environment.

I did once argue that my favourite band were my idols. The voice of Patrick, the body and the lyrical verve of Pete – why not? Well, because they’re just kids with guitars who got lucky. I don’t think luck is a particularly desirable trait in an idol.

One of my friends objects to idols in principle. Arguing that to idolise someone, especially someone you’ve never met, is senseless because they are human and therefore are as flawed as you. I however think that’s like objecting to having dreams on the grounds they might not come true.

So in my post-exam idleness I’m on the hunt for new idols, a team of superheroes to silver-line my clouds and reinforce my inner monologue with the desire to do better.

Any suggestions?

A la P. x

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