Sunday, 18 July 2010

Diving Board.

Dear Ether,

At three 'o clock tomorrow morning I will start my journey to mainland Europe.

I already feel as though I'm very far away from home down here in Portishead, or 'Posset' as it is affectionately referred to as by the locals. There is the tang of salt water blown over by wind which takes you back to English holidays as a child. There are strange views of waters illuminated by distant lights which could be of anywhere in the world.

However, it is the half-packed rucksack which already weighs roughly the same as me and the endless lists of things to remember which insist most forcefully that I am not quite there yet. That first day of holiday feeling, stood at the edge of a pool and trying to muster the courage to jump in. You know the water will be lovely, but lapping at your feet it looks cold and foreboding.

Next post from the deep end.


  1. Darling Tom, have the most amazing time. This time last year I was having a Europe adventure and I am very very jealous of you. Make bed curtains out of towels, keep a pillow case on hand at all times (they can be stuffed with jumpers and you can have yummy train naps) and whatever you have packed in your rucksack, take it out and divide it in half. AND make sure your rucksack sits with the weight on your tummy and not on your shoulders and take a little butter knife so you can make little sandwiches AND antibacterial gel. It will be your very best friend.

    Have an amazing time xxxxx

    OH OH OH make sure you keep all your important stuff in a money pouch that sits UNDER your clothes. It gives a very sexy bulge and doesn't get you mugged, yeyyy! xxx

  2. Thanks for all the advice Ruthus! I did all of the above! Can I go back now pleaase? xxxxx