Monday, 30 April 2012

Hey Tom!

Hey Tom! Work harder. Hey Tom! Eat more fruit. Hey Tom! Sleep more, at better times. Hey Tom! Stop spending money. Hey Tom! Charge your phone. Hey Tom! Stop smoking. Hey Tom! Do some washing. Hey Tom! Get a haircut, you don’t look alternate you look weird. Hey Tom! Apply for jobs. Hey Tom! Stop leaving the hob on. Hey Tom! Stop saying shitty things to people. Hey Tom! Buy some clothes, you wear like a variation of the same outfit all the time and call it your ‘style’. Hey Tom! Stop telling people things and keep them to yourself you massive over-sharer. Hey Tom! Organise your work. Hey Tom! Stop thinking in status updates. Hey Tom! Have more / less sex. Hey Tom! For Christ’s sake get the washing up out of your room. Hey Tom! Actually exercise regularly, running 8km then being barely able to walk is fucking stupid. Hey Tom! Get out of bed when your alarm goes off. Hey Tom! Drink less. Hey Tom! Do some grammar exercises. Hey Tom! Go back on social networks, abstaining is not impressive and you miss it really. Hey Tom! Appreciate all this more often you spoilt shit. Hey Tom! Stop talking so much in seminars. Hey Tom! Write something worthwhile. Hey Tom! Concentrate in lectures. Hey Tom! Hey Tom! Hey Tom! HEY TOM! do what you think.

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