Thursday, 27 May 2010


Dear Ether,

A new blog!

I’ve always loved empty pages. Mainly because my god-awful handwriting makes full pages look terrible.

New blog is new because the old one was already far too achingly self-conscious for any of you literary types to read. This one hopes to serve the much simpler purpose of being somewhere to document my happenings. I’ve got big plans for the next year. And then some.

Right now I’m in the depths of exam period, and old FB is brim-full with the woes of examinations. I However, have only one complaint. One exam. On the last day of exam period. WHY TIMETABLE, WHY?

Aside from that, I am so nerd-ily infatuated by the likes of Wordsworth, Coleridge and Shelley that it hurts me more that I’ll never get to meet their acquaintance than that I have to read their poetry.

Anyway, my real hope is that this blog will be about what’s to come in my life. So as my favourite film, Up, would shout at you:


a la prochaine. x

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