Saturday, 29 May 2010


Dear Ether,

a lost clip found:

A disheartening day's revision made this find all the more valuble. It's simply a quick pan around, but it's pretty precious. It is of me, Alex Morris, Alex Milward, Ellie and Sarah at some unholy hour continuing the Junk afterparty until dawn.

There are of course a plethora of stories which narrate this night (the Asda expedition at 4am in which Morris bought himself a top quality fleece, Ellie some fine boots, and Milward got turned away for attempting to buy alcohol free beer several times). The stories though are mainly buried in in-jokes and blurred with memory.

However, I think its real significance is that it's a clip of a memory which forces a smile out of me every time I think about it.

I hope I never shake that stupid smile, or those stupid friends.

a la prochaine. x

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